On the waves of the Tisa: A historical view of the past of the city of Novi Bečej

Discover the history and spirit of Novi Bečej through the visual treasury of the past 120 years. Our publication provides a unique opportunity to get a more complete picture of life in our city through documents, photos and postcards. Sail into the past and feel the pulse of its culture, trade and important personalities. Available to all lovers of local history!

Gymnasium "Ivo Lola Ribar" on a postcard from the beginning of the 20th century


Teaching staff of the National Elementary School in Novi Bečej, school year 1934/1935.According to the decision of the Ministry of Education of Austro-Hungary from Budapest, on September 6, 1908, the Civil School in our town started its work under the then name STATE NATIONAL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL or CIVIC SCHOOL. The first director of the Civil School was Dr. Kencel Jozef. There were separate girls' and boys' departments. Until the construction of the present Elementary School "Miloje Čiplić" in 1910, classes were held in the building of Dunđerski, located at the site of the "Tiski Cvet" hotel. Since 1921, the school became coeducational under the name STATE CIVIC SCHOOL, and classes were conducted in the Serbian language. One of the first and longtime directors of the school was Vuk L. Radović.

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