Saša Vidaković

Saša Vidaković

Sale VidakSaša Vidaković, born in 1976 in Zrenjanin, spent his childhood in Bosnia until the outbreak of the war in 1992. Growing up in a dynamic environment, he developed a strong connection to his roots and a sense of community.

Saša's interest in web design first awakened in 2000 when he decided to venture into the world of digital art. Over the following years, he dedicated himself to this field with passion and commitment, gaining significant experience in creating diverse websites. However, a special place in his professional portfolio is reserved for the "Novi Bečej - Online" website, which he founded and has continuously improved and maintained since then. This site has become a cornerstone of the local community, providing information, news, and connecting the citizens of Novi Bečej.

Saša stands out for his expertise in web design, and his skills encompass a wide range, including photography, print preparation, marketing, and related areas. His ability to combine technical knowledge with creative expression has contributed to the creation of attractive and functional digital solutions.

In addition to a successful career in the digital world, Saša Vidaković is also a photography enthusiast. His eye for detail and ability to capture key moments make him an exceptional photographer, often praising the beauty and subtlety in his works.

His versatility and ability to recognize the community's needs make him not only an expert in web design but also an active participant in local culture and community. Saša Vidaković continues to contribute to the development of the digital environment and creative industries, leaving his mark in a world that is constantly evolving.


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