Theodore Pavlovic - Life, Work, and Legacy: The Complete Story of the Serbian Intellectual

In the depths of Serbian history, Theodore Pavlovic stands as a pillar of intellectual richness and national dedication. His life, intertwined with the strength of character and deep love for his people, tells a story of relentless effort and commitment that guided him through all challenges and obstacles. Born at a time when the Serbian people were seeking their identity, Pavlovic emerged as a prominent member of society, recognized for his exceptional talent and leadership abilities.

Dr. Konstantin Pejičić about Teodor Pavlović

We will conclude this reminder of the life and work of Teodor Pavlović with the words of his biographer and best friend, who, in the report on the erection of the tombstone, among other things, notes the following:
"Sixty-two years ago (the report was written at the end of 1866 — note by LM), Teodor Pavlović, this highly deserving Serb, was born, and twelve years ago he died in Karlovac in Banat. His name has been popular, famous, and beloved throughout the Yugoslav lands for a quarter of the current century (referring to the 19th century — note by LM), especially among Serbs of all countries...

"In his numerous, especially periodical, writings throughout a quarter of a century, he disseminated an image of our neglected people and awakened consciousness in our nation, and indeed he awakened it.
"Through the errors of his own kind, he brought opponents to state censorship, namely, the former Matica Srpska, brought to blindness by his tireless efforts, to life again under the imperial sun.
"He organized the first Serbian assembly in Pest in 1848, and he was the first to present their demands on behalf of the Serbian people to the state government and the Emperor-King with a delegation.
"He sowed the seeds of Serbian duchy in Austria and nurtured its first sprout...
"He made the celebration of enlighteners and the Protector of the Serbian Sava a national holiday.
"He proposed, demanded, recommended this extremely useful school for adults, for national, amateur, urban, and rural theaters...
"It must be admitted, then, that almost all our present, great and important, actions in the field of education and nationality can be considered as a continuation of Pavlović's noble efforts.
"So, my fellow Serbs, that was TOŠA PAVLOVIĆ in his time, as contemporaries will clearly remember, the soul and heart of the Serbian people in Austria and beyond."

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