The hundred-year legacy and educational journey of Miloje Čiplić Elementary School in Novi Bečej, documented through a monograph that reveals its history, community contributions, and lasting impact on generations of education.

Explore the hundred-year evolution of Miloje Čiplić Elementary School in Novi Bečej through comprehensive monographs that trace its development since its founding in 1908, highlighting significant milestones, community contributions, and continuous impact on education. Emphasizing a lasting legacy that inspires future generations within the local community.

Longtime School Principal

Levai Imre was one of the school principals with probably the longest tenure in that position. He joined the "Miloje Čiplić" Primary School in April of 1952. Moving from a teaching position to the role of assistant principal in 1958, he became the principal of the school in 1961.

Levai ImreHis success in his work was recognized and in 1961, Imre was awarded the Order of Labor with a Silver Wreath. He remained in that position until May 1, 1982, making his total tenure as principal twenty-one years.

As a principal, he lived for the school and for the collective. He knew how to motivate the staff and had good collaborators, which led to his success. In 1974, the school was awarded the Vuk Award by the Cultural and Educational Community of SR Serbia. That same year, he was also awarded the October Award of the Municipality of Novi Bečej at the local level.

Levai Imre was a principal who advocated for the school, and we can be proud of the memory that he was once a member of the collective of "Miloje Čiplić" Primary School.

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